Action captial of the world, Queenstown

Whenever I get asked the question, where in the world is my favourite place to visit, I always choose New Zealand. Why? For one - the whole country looks like it was designed for a postcard with water so clear, mountain views so crisp and skies so blue that often you struggle to comprehend the beauty of what you’re seeing. It’s no surprise that Lord of the Rings was filmed there because there is something incredibly mystical about the place, almost like you're stepping foot in a completely untouched land.

Ask me next what my favourite city or town is in the world is and it has to be Queenstown. On the south island of New Zealand, although Queenstown looks like a small sleepy town on the surface, it is globally known for its adventure sports (skiing, bungee jumping, jet boating), the stunning backdrop of the Southern Alps and its lively evenings. Frankly, it's a place not to be missed when travelling through NZ. It’s been 5 or so years since I visited Queenstown but the memories never get less fond.

It's not often you get to wake up to a view where the reflection off the lake is just as clear as the towering, snow tipped mountains in front of you. I recommend getting your coat and boots on and exploring this incredible landscape. Whether you’re having a game of frisbee golf in the park, enjoying all that the ski season has to offer or simply sat by a fire, enjoying the homely bars, restaurants and cafes scattered around the town – you’ll leave Queenstown with some incredible memories.

Top 3 Things to Do in Queenstown

1. Whether it’s ski season or not, get yourself onto the cable car travelling up the mountain to check out Queenstown from above. Then, if heights don’t make you queasy, there’s no better way of getting back down than a LUGE RACE with your friends. With nothing but gravity powering you down the hill, you’ll need to make sure you use those brakes effectively.

2. Grab a burger at FERG BURGER. This place is a tourist attraction in itself. Open all day until the early hours, you’ll be sitting down there for lunch then finding yourself there again at 3am. If you’ve still got room when you wake up, I’m sure there will be some left on your shirt.

3. End the night in COWBOYS, famous for its bucking bull. Don your hat and get ready for a ride. This is a great themed bar with a buzzing atmosphere where you can really let go after a day on the slopes. I recommend holding off on your Ferg Burger until after this one.


Perfection. Luge racing whilst admiring the stunning Queensland views (photo credit: IG @erm_0202)

Andy x