Cooling Towels

Dock and bay hair wraps with stripes
Cooling Towel with  dual layer quickcool technology

Don't Let Your Sweat Slow You Down.

Beat the heat with a towel that stays cold for up to 6 hours.

As long as the towel is wet, it'll stay cold thanks to the magic of jade stone powder infused into the fabric.

Light and compact, the Cooling Collection is available in 7 colours.

Wet. Squeeze. Snap. Cool.

The only four words you need to know.

Simply wet the towel under any temperature water (really!) and squeeze out the excess water. Then snap the towel like a whip a few times until the towel feels noticeably colder. Works in seconds!

The perfect buddy for travel, gym, sport, at the beach - just about anywhere!

Quick cool cooling towel
Beat the heat with cooling towels

It's A Kinda Magic

There are no chemicals involved. It's all down to the magic of jade stone.

Known for its cooling properties in the beauty world, jade stone has been powdered and woven into the material to keep you cool when you need it most. Its powers won't fade over time either. If you love being active but hate feeling burnt out by the heat, meet your new gym buddy.

Available Now. 7 Colours To Choose From!

Get out there. Keep going and sweat for longer. Comes in a mini pouch.

Available in our Cabana colours: Waikiki Coral, Bondi Blue, Boracay Yellow, Goa Grey, Cancun Green, Phi Phi Pink and Brighton Purple.

Cooling Towel Colours

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