Adult Surf Poncho

Adult hooded beach towel for surf poncho

Wear It Here, There & Everywhere

Now you can wear your quick drying Dock & Bay towel wherever you like!

Other surf ponchos look dull and boring. So we reinvented the towel (again!) and created an eye-catching, colourful and convenient hooded towel.

Quick Drying. Lightweight. Super Absorbent.

Launching worldwide November 12, 2018

Where Do You Wear Yours?

Maybe you go surfing each morning and need to change out of your wetsuit in the car park.

Or perhaps you go to the local swimming pool and want to dry off quickly and change out of your swimsuit.

Say goodbye to bearing all in the car park with awkward towel changing. 

Your perfect accessory at the beach, the pool, while travelling or even for use at home - just about anywhere! In fact, there is no place we wouldn't take one.

Quick dry towel with hood
Beach towels you can wear

Stripes For Every Body Type

Dock & Bay Adult Ponchos are a hooded towel available in 2 sizes for grown-ups. We call them "medium" and "large". They absorb the moisture off your body and dry 2-3 times faster than a cotton towel.

Complete with convenient pockets for carrying car keys, sunscreen and your personal belongings. 

The super absorbent material covers your entire body - the large hood dries your hair and face while the deep pockets keep your hands dry.

Available Soon

We hate to keep you waiting. Our adult ponchos will be available worldwide on November 12 in a range of attention-grabbing colours from the Cabana Collection.

The hardest part is choosing your favourite colour... 

Twin Pack Hair Wraps
Lisa and Matt winners of colour of summer

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Be Seen In Stripes.

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