A crazy place to be

Sorry we’ve been away from the blogs recently, Dock & Bay is getting crazy busy and Ben and I are working around the clock to grow the business and keep every single one of our great customers happy. But this blog isn’t about work and in fact when talking about Las Vegas, it couldn’t be more opposite. In fact, if I was thinking about the most fun holiday I have ever had, it would have to be Vegas. Although I’m not sure it counts as a ‘holiday’ per se when you indulge in no more than about 3 hours sleep a night and re-hydrate by ploughing through bottles of vodka.

Having been 4 times, I’m still not bored of the place and like everyone always says, it really does have a strange effect on you, where you let your inhibitions run wild – ‘what happens in Vegas’.

When you first touchdown in Vegas, the uniqueness of this place hits you from the moment you step foot into the airport. The airport is probably the least glamorous place you will see on your trip but everywhere you step will still be lined with slot machines with huge jackpots, giving some the chance to get an early start on emptying their bank accounts or for those leaving, trying to chase back their losses.
The airport is just 20 minutes from the main strip but still everyone loves to get limos and helicopters to their hotel as they jump head first into the Vegas experience, cash in hand, ready to spend. Every hotel (bar the more modern ones) has a completely different theme, often based on famous landmarks from around the world. From the Egyptian pyramids (Luxor) to the cobbled, river run streets of Venice (The Venetian) or the world famous ‘Bellagio’ - home to many famous events over the years and the centre point for countless movies.

Rooftop bar pool table Las Vegas

I'll take that view for a game of pool....I missed

What happens in Vegas

The set up there is simple. Vegas is your time to drink, gamble, party and occasionally you may step outside to see the sun. Wonder the strip with a drink in your hand and a smile on your face. Anything goes. Last time I was there, we walked around the whole time with animal hats on, mine was a frog. Why? No idea. Would I do it again? Of course, it’s Vegas. We became known around the hotel. These things even came in the pool with us and so started to look a bit worse for wear by the end of the trip, as did we.

As many of you will have heard, oxygen is pumped around the casinos so if you want to get over a hangover, the casino floor is the place to be. You won’t even have to face the sun on those sore eyes as there are zero windows and free drinks all round when gambling. ‘Free’ being the debatable word. It’s really no different to being trapped in your basement with a crate of beers, whilst you throw money into a fire. Sounds amazing right?
Vegas is built to take your money and that it will but if you are looking to let loose then there really is no better place. It’s Disney Land for adults. You can be drinking in the middle of the Eiffel Tower, riding a rollercoaster off the edge of your hotel, getting married to someone you only just met or even firing a gun in one of the many shooting ranges. All of this, smack bang in the middle of a desert as arid as your wallet will be at the end of this trip.

Eiffel tower Las Vegas

Not to scale

Top 3 Things to do in Las Vegas

A Show

You have to do a show whilst you are there and if I’m to recommend one, it would be one of the many Cirque de Soleil performances. Hands down, the show I saw in Vegas was one of the most impressive shows I’ve ever seen with the most amazing acrobats in the world (often ex-Olympians) performing jaw dropping and extremely dangerous tricks with little to no harnessing. Your fear for their safety makes it completely gripping throughout. Look out for the ‘Wheel of Death’.

Helicopter to the Grand Canyon

I’ve never done this myself but I’ve visited the Grand Canyon (one of the seven natural wonders of the world) and I’ve heard great things about the helicopter ride. Not only will you get to see the strip from above but you’ll see one of nature’s most impressive creations through the eyes of a bird.

Get Drunk

Hey, I know this is a common theme in my travel blogs but I feel this is really important in Vegas. Vegas is the place in the world where if you wake up and remember everything, you haven’t done Vegas hard enough. Opening your eyes at noon, fully suited in your bed with a huge headache, a lost phone and a unknown feeling of regret should be standard practice. Whether you’re gambling your life away at the roulette table, spending your days at a pool party or testing out one of the many glamorous clubs Vegas has to offer, there is a good chance you’ll have a drink in your hand throughout. And make it a double.

Hakuna Matata,