With the Dock & Bay team and our influencers settled into the Colour of Summer villa, the morning was spent preparing for our ambassadors’ arrivals.

Andy & Benno were tasked with heading to the supermarket to stock the villa bar (and kitchen) ahead of the welcome night (a very important job!) While our influencers stayed behind, using the opportunity to capture content for their blogs amongst the stunning villa surrounds. 

Colour of Summer is Dock & Bay's 2018 campaign where six brand ambassadors who live the 'Dock & Bay' active lifestyle with a love of travel and outdoors, were flown to Bali for a one-week adventure they would never forget!

Our ambassadors arrived mid-afternoon and they may have been jet-lagged, but as soon as they reached the villa they were straight in the pool! After all, a swim is not only the perfect way to freshen up, it gave our ambassadors the chance to start using their Dock & Bay towels straight away.

The amazing Dock & Bay villa

Aiden & Keely arrived first from Sydney, Australia

Jennifer & Preethi arrive from Mumbai, India

Lisa & Matt arrive from Vancouver, Canada

Fun in the pool (with plenty of quick drying colourful stripey towels of course!)

With dinner in the hands of our in-house chef, Dock & Bay’s resident bartender (our very own Benno) made a round of drinks and we settled down for an evening of Andy's famous ice-breaking activities.

After all the fun and games our new ambassadors headed off to their rooms for a good night's sleep ready for the fun filled week ahead. First up is a bike ride through the rice fields of Ubud tomorrow morning.

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