What happens when you put a bunch of great like-minded people together in a beautiful Bali villa, turn up the heat to 30°C / 84°F and throw a pile of brand new colourful stripy swim shorts at them?  Well... let's just say, an explosion of creativity, fun and a touch of silliness to keep things spicy!  (We didn't mention that our shorts are made of 100% recycled bottles, but they are - it's important to us to be Doing Our Bit!)  

There were water bombs. Towels flying in all directions. The giant inflatable donut was a hit (only beat by a huge yellow rubber ducky). Water fights and some SPECTACULAR dives into the pool.

The goal of Andy & Benno was to ensure the team stayed hydrated and avoided serious sunburn.  This is a professional operation of course, and the Colour of Summer team needed to be at their peak to ensure they could really let their hair down and have a great time!

Our Colour of Summer campaign is all about friendship, fun, adventure and those unforgettable holiday memories - you can really see how our ambassadors live the essence of what Dock & Bay is all about.

Who's who?

Our Dock & Bay brand ambassadors are KeelyAidenLisa, MattJennifer & Preethi. Our influencers are Moti, Christian, Paige, Sophie, Jessica & Lyssie

The featured towels and swim shorts can be found at Cabana collection, Summer collection, Festival collection (2018 collection) and Swim Shorts Collection (out now!)

Speechless. Every single pose is hilarious in it's own way!

Andy taking a leap through a giant novelty sized inflatable donut, aided by his trusty assistant Keely

Action captured! Matt & Lisa going all out as per usual

Keely loves towels

Moti doesn't really know what's about to happen, but he is having a ball all the same!

Aiden in his new Dock & Bay boardshorts, loving those stripes!

 Moti, Christian, Aiden and Matt chilling by the pool in their new D&B swimming shorts. Looks awesome if we do say so ourselves!

Keely taking a breather on her inflatable pineapple

Ok, the pineapple wasn't very inflated (sorry Keely!) - but Sophie for the win!

Let the race begin. Swimmers behind a very Dock & Bay starting line

The crowd goes wild!

The perfect orange stripey couple, Keely & Aiden rocking out in their new swim shorts

Honestly, we initially made the swim shorts with men in mind - but the ladies LOVED them too. Jessica striking a pose.

Loving those colours

Someone has been taken down

Moti, graceful as always, looks to be walking on water

Christian loved that pool (and his Cancun Green swimming trunks)

Benno running things at the coconut bar

The Colour of Summer crew chilling in the sun

Jessica, Jennifer and Preethi on their Bondi Blue Round Towel

AIden was a demon with that water pistol

Little bit of man-hugging between Andy & Aiden. 

Lisa taking some rancho relaxo moments

Moti seems to be scheming something here

Keely having the time of her life

Moti comes from nowhere to sieze the advantage!

Jessica getting in on the action

Christian with his favourite Narabeen Green Cabana light towel

"Give me back my towel or I'll shoot" (probably went like this)

Andy trying to enjoy a bit of fresh hydrating coconut water. Ruined

Andy dives head first into everything

Colour of Summer | Bali, Indonesia

Photographer: Emma Sailah, Australia 

Videography: Alyssa Shreeve, United States

Drone: Danny Chapman, DCP Drones, United Kingdom