And we started walking. And walking. And it was hot, so so hot. The Colour of Summer team didn't complain though - they are made of sterner stuff, always up for an adventure, exploring new places, sharing fun experiences. As we walked, it was a no-brainer to stop at a swing with views over the jungle and the valley (no, not THE Bali swing, but a swing all the same). Everyone had a go and then we were off - next stop, a cafe in the rice paddies for refreshments and some fun.

Our Colour of Summer campaign is all about friendship, fun, adventure and those unforgettable holiday memories - you can really see how our ambassadors live the essence of what Dock & Bay is all about.

Who's who?

Our Dock & Bay brand ambassadors are KeelyAidenLisa, MattJennifer & Preethi. Our influencers are Moti, Christian, Paige, Sophie, Jessica & Lyssie

The featured towels can be found at Cabana Light collection, and our brand new 2018 Festival collection

Matt always has his own way of doing things!

Keely showing the team how it's done with her long flowing Cabana Light towel in Kuta Pink colour

Lyssie rocking out (just before she jumped way too close to that cliff!)

The endless Bali jungle (Photo: Jessica Sullivan)

Moti, always at the centre of the action!

Lisa does it her way

 Christian playing it cool

Lisa & Matt, always so romantic

Jessica and Jennifer rocking their Goa Grey towel

Made it to the Raditya Cafe - winning!

Preethi and Jennifer going for a walk in the rice paddies with their Festival towels

The Colour of Summer ambassadors, best of friends of course!

Keely & Aiden, taking a moment

...and taking another moment

Lisa & Matt pondering their next prank

These two cuties pulled out a gorgeous moment for us! 

Always with a smile on their faces

One of those classic moments when no one knows what is going on

Fun times were had by all!

Colour of Summer | Bali, Indonesia

Photographer: Emma Sailah, Australia 

Videography: Alyssa Shreeve, United States

Drone: Danny Chapman, DCP Drones, United Kingdom