We’re not sure if last year sped past at the speed of someone inhaling a six-pack of mince pies or if it’s trundled past like a toddler learning to scoot, but we’re gonna end it on a high by performing a little foot shuffle, giving you an “up-top” high-five and saying, “Congratulations, pumpkin, you made it to the end of 2018 - and it feels amazing.” It feels like a mini-accomplishment, like that time you made apple crumble and custard for the first time without charring the top. It’s a right groovy feeling.

And now all that’s left for you to do is say, “New Year’s Eve is not overrated” out loud, grab your BFFs and watch the fireworks finale of wherever you are light up the skies with some oooooos and awwwwwws. Well, that and ponder what lies ahead, coupled with the whole “new year, new me” thing, which is always a bit of a chuckle.

But before you try and do the impossible again by giving up carbs, putting away $400 from every paycheck, having a Vanderpump Rules detox and not judging proverbial books by their covers, why don’t you pinch our resolution: to not waste any more resolutions on things you know won't actually happen.

And to prove this is totally possible to do, your BFFs at Dock & Bay have got 11 totally legit ones for you to fist-pump about - woo woo:

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1. Be A Sleepy Head
Yup. That’s right. We’re kicking off our list of attainable resolutions with sleep more. Why? Because sleep is groovy. Sleep is like the James Brown of the wellbeing world. And it’s not unrealistic at all. You just need to start saying no to watching a fourth-slash-fifth episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. each night, get your FOMO under control, and set a bedtime alarm so that you don’t forget to have a slightly earlier one. Easy-peasy.

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2. Slurp On Half-Caf
In a perfect world, you’d roll out of bed and sip on a mug of green tea each morning. Then again, you’d also give up chasing your crush, eating gluten and watching Netflix. But this list is about easy resolutions - ones you can actually sustain past January 5th. So instead of going Cold Turkey on the caffeine front and living the rest of your life half asleep, just dial it down to a delicious, steaming mug of half-caf instead.

3. Probiotics On The Daily
This one isn’t just as simple as getting past the first level on Candy Crush, it’s also super-great for your belly. Let us introduce you to probiotics, which are the friendly bacteria in your gut responsible for keeping your digestion up to scratch, your weight at a healthy place, and your mental health bubbling with positivity. So pop the word probiotic onto your daily to-do list and send us a thank you letter in Feb. Just think of it as an extra vitamin.

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4. Love Yourself More
Basically, we should all be aiming to love ourselves as much as Kanye loves himself and we should all believe in ourselves like Kanye believes in himself. They should be your #2019motivationgoals right there.

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5. Do Date Night
If you’re in an Instagram-official relationship and all loved up with bae, try keeping to an amazing, magical and committed resolution -- like a date night. You don’t need to do something under candlelight every week, you just need to make no other plans on that night. And enjoy these moments of awesomeness every week. Oh and make a “no phones allowed” rule. If, however, you’re not in a relationship but have a dog, you can do the same -- but maybe use your phone. How else will you make your Insta-stories funny?

6. 50-Minute Challenge
Phones are good. But phones are also bad. Or our phone-handling habits are bad. Like waking up and reaching for them before the sleep has gone from our eyes. Or pulling them out whenever there’s half-a-moment of boredom, like in the elevator. Or scrolling through Pinterest for hours when you get into bed because you keep missing the made-up cutoff mark you set yourself. The solution: the 50-minute challenge. It’s simple. For the first and last 50 minutes of each day, resist the desire to pick up your phone. It’s life-changing.

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7. Travel A Tad More
The most amazing thing anyone can do with their minutes is spend it travelling, seeing new places, experiencing new things and saying, “OMG! The earth is really great,” as much as possible. And travelling can mean anything. It could mean planning the trip of a lifetime to your bucket list top spot, going on a buddymoon, roadtripping somewhere new and local every month, or just camping by that lake a confetti throw away. So long as you’ve got a hair wrap and quick-drying towel with ya, every kind of travelling is good.

8. Live A Life Of Stripes
Everyone deserves to be happy. Super happy. Super-duper-happy. And that’s what stripes are. They’re happy-makers. So instead of collecting something a tiny bit pointless like stamps, Airfix aeroplanes, action figures still in their boxes, and football cards, try collecting something that will make you smile like a kid on Christmas morning: our stripes. Hair wraps, shorts, towels, ponchos - the lot. Life is better when it’s full of stripes. Promise.

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9. Veggies For Brekky
Humans think going on a diet means taking things off your plate. But the best thing you can do is add things. Good things. Tasty things. Nutritious and delicious things. So instead of trying to give up fast food, sugar, dairy and gluten, try chewing on some veggies for brekky. It’s not as gross as you might think. Omelettes with mushroom and spinach. Frittata with kale and aubergine-slash-eggplant (location dependent). Avocado on sourdough with chopped toms. A green smoothie (which is basically a smoothie made up of anything green). It’ll change your world.

10. Be An Awesome Human
Perform little random acts of kindness. Encourage people. Lift those around you. Chase your dreams. Help those less fortunate than you. Donate what you can to charity. Pepper friends with praise. Tell your loved ones you love them. Send flowers to your mum. Phone your grandma. Don’t judge people so much. Don’t be so tough on yourself. Live in the moment more. And have fun.

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11. Wear Sunscreen
Actually, do everything Baz Luhrmann told us to do.

And with all that said and celebrated, what are you waiting for? Go and smash your New Year’s resolutions and have the best year ever, full of dream-chasing, wanderlusting and memory-making.

Thanks for reading. For more travelspiration and far-flung adventure ideas, follow us on Instagram and Facebook and, you know, don’t forget to grab yourself the most awesome towel ever made… and some shorts… and a hair wrap... and probably a poncho too. After all, everyone looks good in stripes.