OMG! OMG! OMG! It’s March again. MARCH. The third month in any given calendar and probably the greatest month of all, because March is to party-people what Christmas is to everyone else - the freakin’ best.

Right now, across the whole of America (and probably the rest of the world), college students are freaking out as they get ready to escape reality, zoom off somewhere warm for a week, somewhere with white sand beaches where they can throw themselves into the sort of good-time adventures they’ll absolutely deny during all future interviews. It’s amazing. Obviously, you still need to drink responsibly and make good choices -- but that’s where we can help, because the hardest choice to make is deciding where to go for Spring Break?

For party-people that want to dance all day and boogie for some of the all night, wearing 46 day-glow wristbands on each arm, it’s about deciding where to party. And for everyone else, it’s about finding somewhere travel-mag-pretty and ideal for a bit of soul-searching and a lot of adventure. And no matter which camp you fall into, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you’re looking for a wild revelry or a wildly relaxing hideaway this spring, grab yourself a towel from our new Summer Collection (yes, the rumours are true, there’s a unicorn towel) and book a make your way to one of these Spring Break destinations this March (*and some of April):

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


In the same way glazed donuts are dripping in next-level tastiness, America is dripping in amazing traditions. Eating turkey on Thanksgiving, pardoning a turkey on Thanksgiving, wearing star-spangled onesies on the Fourth of July, tailgating, tipping, smiling at strangers and, yup, doing Spring Break in Mexico - and there’s no better spot than Cabo. It’s like Cancun, but with fewer jocks and better beach parties. And if you do decide that to take a break from all the fist-pumping beach raves, you’re in luck because March is the best time to see whales migrating. C’mon, where else can you party hard, relax on America’s most wow-factor beaches and enjoy a quick whale-watching adventure? And you were wondering why it’s on our 2019 Bucket List.

Ideal towel buddy: Sandy Toes

Singapore, Asia


There are Spring Break festivals and then there are Spring Break Foodie Fests, and Singapore come spring is the latter. From March through to April, the World Gourmet Summit parks up in the world’s most food-obsessed city and you n’ your taste buds are gonna want to partay. It’s like stumbling into a dance-off between every epic eatery Singapore has to offer, each one showcasing their tastiest dishes, menus curated especially for this event, and chef-on-chef collaborations that could make your mind melt out of your ears (in a good way). Oh and then there’s the dinner parties, supper clubs, mishmash of celebrities and after-parties hosted by world-famous vintners. It’s Spring Break for unabashed foodies.

Ideal towel buddy: Sparkling Sunsets

Miami, Florida


Miami is pretty awesome pretty much all the time. But Miami in March somehow manages to find another level. Like a bonus level. The temperature is dreamy, there are zero hurricanes to worry about and you can bounce from event to event like a tipsy pinball. South Beach gets loose for Spring Break. Then the clubs, restaurants, art galleries and everywhere in between turn into EDM gigs for Miami Music Week, followed by Ultra Music Festival (which is ridiculously, unfathomably, crazily big). And then you get to ease your hangover at the Miami Open, which is a tennis tournament held on the tropical island of Key Biscayne, which is what Andre 3000 would probably describe as, “ice cold”.

Ideal towel buddy: Poolside Parties

Oahu, Hawaii

Cabana Light Towels

Picking a time and place to see Hawaii is less like picking from a bag of Revels and more like picking from a bag of Skittles - you can’t possibly go wrong. But if we had to pick a time and place, it would be Oahu in March, and it’s all because of the Waikiki Spam Jam Festival. It’s a processed pork-lovers dream. There’s every kind of spam you can imagine, and thousands you never imagined. Spam corn dog. Spam burger. Spam pizza. Deep-fried spam. Chocospam. Spam nachos. Spam Pad Thai. And 30,000 people go to sample these spammy delights each year. That said, there are other things that make Spring Break in Oahu worth doing. Get a decade’s worth of steel guitars at the Mele Mei music (and hula) festival, keep fit by running the Hapalua half-marathon, and then do all the normal-for-paradise things like lounging on pristine beaches and trekking up Diamondhead. It’s the perfect place to taste the rainbow (or taste a bunch of spam).

Ideal towel buddy: Endless Days

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Cabana Blue Towel with Swim Shorts

Montego Bay is the Spring Break destination for Spring Breakers that all fancy doing different things. You’ve got 5-star all-inclusives for those wanting to kick back and relax, epic hikes through the Dolphin Head Mountains and treks that take you through lush swathes of tropical forests and out onto bioluminescent bays. And then there’s all those places you’ll want to go to make dreadful life decisions and wake up the next day feeling a little sorry for yourself, wishing you could delete the entire contents of everyone’s Instagram. Depending on what level of bad behaviour you’re into, there’s Hip Strip, Margaritaville and Negril. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you, okay.

Ideal towel buddy: Paradise Picnics

Dubrovnik, Croatia


Good times and Croatia tend to conjure up images of people dancing on yachts chanting either “Yacht Week, Yacht Week,” or “The Bucket Lust rules,” - and we get it. The problem is, everyone shares your sultry Croatian hopes. That’s why we suggest you explore Dubrovnik in April, which has the perfect Spring Break timetable. It starts with Festiwine which, you guessed it, is a huuuge local wine festival, where you should aim to have all the good-times possible, and then run those feelings off the following week at the Dubrovnik half-marathon, before indulging in some total relaxation at a) the Kikra National Park, b) Sibenik and c) the Saint Nicholas Fort.

Ideal towel buddy: Lazy Afternoons

Vrindavan, India


Everyone needs to do the Holi Festival… at least once... in India. It’s like being there on the Sunday of your favourite, smallish music festival in that it’s a giant paint party - but on steroids. It’s like every tub of brightly coloured powdered paint has been shipped here just so people can throw it at each other, laugh, love and hug, and all in the name of light winning over darkness. It’s crazy. Unlike anything else on the planet. Or the universe. And that’s what makes it such an awesome Spring Break destination. Just follow the music, join the stream of people tossing color into the air (and at each other’s faces) and make sure you’re wearing your best sense of humour (and least favourite clothes - trust us).

Ideal towel buddy: Rainbow Skies

Phoenix, Arizona


Phoenix makes our Spring Break vacay list partly because it’s an adventure sweet spot, and partly because March hits the best weather pop on the nose - it’s not so cold you’ll need to wear one of our ponchos under your coat, but not so hot that your flip-flops will melt to the sand. Simply spend your days racing around the Sonoran Desert on quad bikes, rafting through whitewater rapids and hiking up the nearby mountains, and then spend your nights partying in Scottsdale and showing off your stripes at any one of the insanely cool hotel pools on offer (spoiler alert: one glance at the The Phoenician pool and you’ll not want to leave until you’ve dived into it).

Ideal towel buddy: Unicorn Waves

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