Spoiler alert: National holidays are the best. Like, all of them. From the super-duper-fun ones, like Christmas and St Patrick’s Day, to those slightly more kooky ones, you know, like National Pancake Week and Halloween -- we would give them all a 1st Place rosette if that power was ever bestowed upon us. And next up on the day-off calendar is that cluster of national holidays we all know and love as Easter.

Everywhere seems to throw parties at this time of year. In fact, if you were to perfectly time a round-the-world trip through America, Australia and the UK, you’d get to do Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Easter Monday, Anzac Day, May Day, the Spring Bank Holiday, Memorial Day and the Queen’s Birthday. That’s 8 glorious days off in less than 6 weeks, and if that ain’t cause for celebration we’ll eat a cracked coconut towel.

The big question is, how do you make the most of these extra long holiday weekends (apart from tucking into the giant chocolate eggs you bought yourself and then washing them down with champagne at Easter brunch, that is?)

Well, to help you answer this most important of questions, we’ve done something pretty great: we’ve come up with a hamperload of excellent ways to spend the extra day off. Woohoo.

1. Throw A Barbecue Bash For Your Squad

Summer barbecue

Apart from dressing up in a giant bunny outfit, nothing says Easter like dusting off your gas grill, pulling out your Crock-Pot or printing off some recipes you found on Pinterest. It’s the tradition no one talks about -- unless you and your squad start turning up matching Random Rainbow swimmers, in which case it will become the tradition no one can stop talking about.

2. Learn How To Make *These* Frozen Cocktails

Frozen Cocktail recipe

It doesn’t matter what your drinking vibe is, whether it’s rum, wine, Pimm’s or a sugary booze-free tipple - the only way to make summer cool again is with some frozen cocktails. In fact, if it were us, we’d spend the extra day off perfecting one of *these* recipes (and use the rest of the weekend staging an Instagram photoshoot using one of our fruity towels as the backdrop).

3. Update Your Bucket List
When you’re addicted to travel, going through your bucket list is as natural as filling your bedside drawer with foreign currencies. There will be places you need to tick off, paradise islands you need to add on, and probably a bit of order rearranging to do as well. It’s never a quick job but, hey, that’s what the extra day off is for. And if you need some inspiration, take a sneak-peek at our 2019 bucket list.

4. Book A Spur-Of-The Moment Trip

Frozen Cocktail recipe

We’ve all tried to make elaborate plans with friends that never worked out, and we’re not saying this won’t happen again but, this Easter, try not to repeat it. Try really hard to make this “let’s book an adventure” moment actually bare the fruits of a high-five. Our advice: either book a buddymoon with your bestie, the solo trip of a lifetime or book a super-fun, last-minute couples vacay. Do it. Do it now.

5. Guiltily, Try Doing Some Exercise
Picture this: you wake up on Monday (probably around midday), remember you’ve got the day off, check your phone before your eyes have fully adjusted and then see your squad plans have been cancelled. It’s a sucky situation, but we’ve all been there. Cue exercise. It’s the best way to enjoy the (possibly) nice weather, enjoy that productive feeling of sweating and guiltily jog off your weekend of over-indulgence (oh and our gym towels are sale btw).

6. ...Then Throw A Pizza Party
It’s not a national holiday/bank holiday weekend without ordering pizza. Period. And, don’t worry, two people parties are definitely a thing. So WhatsApp your BFF and repeat after us, “The more slices the merrier” (and then eat nothing but fruit to compensate for it the next day).

7. May The Forest Be With You

Forest Holiday

If the cupboard under your stairs is hiding a tent, now’s the time to dig it out, wash it down and then figure out how it goes back in its sleeve, because long weekends were made for camping. Phone your friends (in your excited voice), fill your car with everything you’ll need (including towels), remember to pack your hiking boots, practise a couple of one-pot meals and then, you know, get some t-shirts printed with something gloriously cheesy like it’s all good in the woods.

8. Get All Your Friends To The Park
Once a year, your squad needs to meet in the park and stay until long after dark. According to some science we just made up, it’s good for the soul. Have everyone add to the communal picnic, get a game of rounders going, pack some water pistols (and towels obvs), embrace the heavy smell of coconut sunscreen and citronella candles, and have a playlist ready to play (preferably one that’s long enough to loop without anyone noticing). We guarantee someone will say something poignant like, “it’s days like these, man,” -- and they’ll be right.

9. Make Flip-Flop Memories

Friends at the beach

For a lot of people, good weather days are precious commodities -- they are rare delights that rarely land on long weekends off. So when these two rarities align, it’s best to drop everything and dine outdoors, and where’s better for unpacking your “I prepared this just in case” picnic than your favourite beach spot? Imagine it. Lounging on a sand-resistant towel in your eco-friendly swim shorts just close enough to hear the waves, but far enough back to be unbothered by the tide, as you casually snack on your favourite finger foods. It’s what day-offs were probably invented for.

10. Keep Calm And Dance ‘Til Sunrise
Tis the season to find a festival and do what everyone loves doing: dancing like you’re in the rain and singing like you’re in the shower. It’s what festivals are best at. It doesn’t matter where in the world you live, it’s that time of year -- and all you need to do is use Google, find where the nearest dollop of festival fun is happening and go soak up the summer heat and beats. 

11. Roll Down The Windows & Cruise

Friends Road Trip

Road trips are life - at least they are for those travelers who don’t like to plan, and don’t need to either. All you’ve gotta do is fill up with gas, cue up a playlist, fill the passenger seat with a buddy, stuff some snacks in the footwells, pick a destination (or not) and drive. They’re like the perfect long-weekend adventures.

12. Learn The Choreography From A Beyonce Song

One day soon, the history books will focus on Queen Bey (and the iconic weekend that was Beychella). It was a day none of us will forget -- and there are a lot worse ways to spend your extra day off than pulling on a towel poncho, stepping into your backyard and learning the choreographed moves of her entire back catalog. It’s what *this* awesome group of dancers would do (#KookiesNKream)

Thanks for reading. For more travelspiration and far-flung adventure ideas, follow us on Instagram and Facebook and, you know, don’t forget to grab yourself the most awesome towel ever made… and some shorts… and a hair wrap... and probably a poncho too. After all, everyone looks good in stripes.