We had so much fun on our recent hair wrap shoot in Cairns, Australia. Having fun at the beach, sunning on the sand, modelling our awesome new hair wraps - it was full of so many highs. The best bit? Talking to our amazing models. They included travellers from all around the world, surfers, mums, body activists and India Morse, a deaf fitness blogger who's fighting for change in accessibility. We chatted to her to find out more about the cause, her past and living her best life.

India with Solstice Festival Towel

India loving our pink, blue and purple Solstice Festival Towel to brighten up the beach.

Hey India! We love your Instagram and everything you do to improve accessibility in fitness, what’s the biggest change you’ve seen so far?

The biggest change I've seen in the last couple of years is that now many fitness studios are aware of people who may have a hearing disability and they have adapted their teaching methods to give the best possible experience. This can be by a visual instruction, the studio being well lit enabling people to lipread or the instructor giving the deaf person a more one to one instruction.

Girls in hair wraps

Wet hair? Don't care. Our Hair Wraps are the perfect beach accessory to minimise frizz.

What changes would you still like to see in the fitness world?

I would love to see less of a ‘nightclub’ vibe. It’s becoming common to work out in darkness with music blasting which it is not very deaf friendly. I would love to see more interpreters or TV screens with written instructions visible to the class so that when the instructor is speaking not only is it through the microphone for hearing clients but also there as a visual aid for deaf and hard of hearing. This would establish more of a relationship with the client than just an instructor shouting instructions into a microphone.

India walking with Grey Cabana Towel

India models our Goa Grey Cabana Towel feeling body confident on the beach.

Putting yourself out there on the internet is no easy feat. What gave you the inspiration to do so?

Nobody is going to do anything about it but myself. After experiencing gyms and fitness studios myself and being extremely passionate about fitness I realised that there are very few deaf people participating and enjoying fitness because it is seen as “too much hassle”. I decided that the communication barrier needed to change and so I’ve tried to get some changes so that everyone can enjoy. Having gone through these struggles and seen so much change I have also benefitted as it has pushed me to achieve so much more personally than I ever expected.

Girls on Light Cabana towels

Pretty in pastel. Alanna, India, Shayna, Belen and Anna (left to right). The girls bonded so quickly on the shoot, and loved our Cabana Light Collection of towels.

You were recently part of our #wethairdontcare hair wrap photoshoot, was it fun?

The photoshoot was amazing fun. It really impacted me to see all the girls involved confident and happy in their bodies. Dock and Bay made us feel comfortable straight away, and getting to know the girls was really lovely.

Our hair wrap models

Hair wraps for the whole squad. India rocks our Boracay Yellow Hair Wrap in the middle.

And speaking of hair wraps… where would you wear yours?

On the beach! The wraps are ideal for a post swim cover up.

Girls in hair wraps walking down the beach

Throw your hands in the air like you just don't care! Grab a Hair Wrap and be carefree about drying your hair.

What’s the best possible way to start your day?

It has to be a good coffee – for me it’s made with almond milk and extra hot. I follow this with a 15km run when I can and this sets me up for the day.

India on grey Cabana towel

Sit back and relax... If colour's not your thing, stay minimal with our Goa Grey Cabana Towel.

Whether you’re lacking confidence or just need that extra boost, what’s your top tip for feeling good?

Buying new activewear always gives me a boost and after exercising in your new outfit you feel strong and confident. I choose something bright and colourful to make me feel good.

Girls walking on beach with Cabana towels

Runnin' the beach. India and the girls take their Cabana Towels with them wherever they go.

We’re all about getting out there and finding adventure. What’s the best destination you’ve travelled to?

I absolutely love Australia with Western Australia being my favourite. It has so much natural beauty. Beaches all to yourself, mountain gorges, with the Karijini National Park being one of the best destinations ever. Monkey Mia and Coral Bay are just beautiful, the reef sharks swam around me through the crystal blue waters - it was all so magical.

Big thanks to India for being one of our amazing models. If you haven't snapped up a hair wrap for you and your besties, it's calling out your name!