What are we looking for in an ambassador? 

We wanted to find everyday people that share the same fun loving, adventurous attributes as us. Whether you’re a seasoned traveller or just have a pinterest board filled with globe-trotting dreams, as long as you can show us (in your 100 word answer) and your social media account, that you and your best friend would be beneficial to the Dock & Bay brand, then that’s all that matters.

Can I enter more than once?

We thought long and hard about this and why not? Yes, you can enter more than once, as long as you’re applying with a different friend. We’re looking for sets of best friends, and while your mate Toby who is pretty lazy and hates the outdoors might not be our perfect ambassador, Joe who loves cycling and is always up for trying new things sounds pretty perfect, so apply with all your friends for a better chance of winning.

What dates do I have to be free?

The Colour of Summer project will take place in Bali from the 22nd-28th April 2018. Due to the length of the flights (it’s a pretty exotic location), you’d need to be free to travel between the 21st-29th April.

Do I need a social media account?

Yes, everyone who enters the to become a Colour of Summer ambassador has to have either a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account.

Will I have to pay for anything?

The trip is all-inclusive. We’re covering your flights, insurance, villa and tonnes of exciting activities. You will have time to yourself though so you might want to plan for a little spending money so you can bring your jealous friends back home some goodies. When exploring outside of the villa on your own, you’ll need your own money.

What will happen when we’re in Bali?

It’ll be the best week of your lives, we promise. You and your friend will be staying in our luxury villa with us, our influencers and our camera crew. The day you arrive will be pretty chilled, but after that it’ll be a week filled with exciting activities from yoga classes to picturesque hikes and trips to the rice fields. We’ll also have one full day of photography to make sure we get everything we need for the campaign. So whilst you’re in for a tonne of fun, we do need everyone to be prepared and be up and ready in the mornings.

Will we be filmed/photographed?

Yes, we’re taking a photographer and videographer with us to Bali to get footage for our Colour of Summer campaign. They’ll be around on our photography day and also shooting during the activities during the day. 

Can I enter by myself?

No, sorry. Colour of Summer is about sharing experiences with others, so we won’t be looking at any solo entrants. But we’re sure any of your friends would be more than willing to come to Bali with you!

Do I have to be a model?

No, the opposite. We’re not looking for a campaign full of professional model photos. The best memories are captured with real friendships and that’s why we want real people to take part in this campaign.

Is there an age limit?

For insurance reasons, everyone on the trip will need to be at least 18 when applications open on January 15th 2018, but there’s no upper age limit. Adventure doesn’t have a use by date.

How will you choose the ambassadors?

We’re going to be as thorough as possible picking the right people for our trip so Andy & Benno, along with their fabulous marketing team will make their way through every single one of your 100 word answer applications. We’ll then be picking our favourites to Skype interview and choosing our final three ambassadors (and their friends) from these.

How can I apply?

The most important question.  Go to dockandbay.com/colour-of-summer and apply now for the trip of a lifetime!

See the competition video - Win a trip to Bali