We don’t know about you, but it seems like everyone we stalk follow on Instagram was on vacay for the whole of January and start of February. And too right. What better way is there to make January Great Again than to kickstart your new year with an epic trip to some far-flung piece of paradise you’ve been dying to experience since you first learned about commercial flight? (We know we posed that as a question but it was totally rhetorical).

Vacays are just the best. Actually. Wait. Let’s just give that a second thought just to be sure. Hmmmm. Nope. We were right first time - vacays really are the best. Lounging by the pool. Munching on loads of local foods. Then lounging on the beach. Eating a bit more. Attempting to finish that book you almost started last summer. Napping on a cabana. Going out for late night meals. Raising a few bottles to the sunset. Vacays are just soooo good for the mind and soul.

What’s a bit sucky is that they’re not great for the body.

Going on vacay is kinda all about indulging yourself. It’s letting yourself relax a bit more and forgetting about all the stresses, chores, migraines and same-olds of daily life back home. And that means eating out more, sleeping less, bidding adieu to the gym and, let’s be a teeny bit honest, being partial to a sugary cocktail or two (an hour, every hour). It’s fun. Super-fun. Super-duper fun. And then you get home seven pounds heavier, with belly bloat and a solid zero on the energy-o-metre, and you realise you had too much fun.

So without further ado, here are a few fun post-vacation hacks that will have you looking and feeling totally awesome again quicker than you can say, “so, where to next?”

Beach scene in Australia

1. Get A Green Superstar Smoothie In You

Smoothies are good. But green super-smoothies are epic. They’re delicious and nutritious, and the easiest way to make your belly smile, your skin glow, and your body feel healthier than it’s ever felt. “How’s that possible?” We hear you gasp. Well, when a smoothie is packed full of superstar superfoods, your body is flooded with all the nutrients you need for a quick burst of happy-energy while washing away all the nasty stuff. And that ain’t all. Green super-smoothies are also great at curbing any cravings you might have for more scrummy but salty restaurant food. And to help set you up for the best smoothie adventure of your life, we’ve got something special for you: grab your blender, pour in a bit of water and then toss in some spinach, kale, mango, pineapple, avocado, and bananas. Trust us: you’re about to slurp down the tastiest blast of nourishment ever.

Beach scene in Australia

2. Fill Your Plate With Sexy Fibre Foods

One of the most awesome things you can do for your body once you’ve waved ba-bye to your vacation is to chow down on as much planty foods as you can. These whole food superheros are so full of soluble (and insoluble) fibres, they’ll a) absorb the liquid in your tummy and b) shuttle the bad stuff through your digestive system so that you no longer feel as bloated as a puffer fish on Boxing Day. Basically, they’re groovy. So groovy, in fact, you’ll want to get home in a hurry, quickly unload your luggage into a “to be washed” pile on your bedroom floor, and make yourself a fibre picnic. Oats, chia, flax seeds, beans and berries, pears and melon, nuts and quinoa, brown rice, whole grain bread, and all the leafy greens your nearest greengrocer has in store. Dee-lish.

Beach scene in Australia

3. Now That’s Some High-Quality H20

We know, this probably isn’t news to any of you, but staying hydrated is just so important. Whether you shot off on a buddymoon, Christmas abroad or the solo trip of a lifetime, you were probably a good-time maverick that chowed down too much food and slurped on too much happy-juice, both of which are dehydration’s favourite party anthems. So fill up your favourite water bottle, flush those toxins out of your body, and say farewell to that vacay weight and beach-bloat by drinking lots of water -- about half your body weight in ounces should have you boogie-ing.

Beach scene in Australia

4. Catch A Bunch Of Zzzzz’s

We’ve never quite understood what the letter Z has to do with sleep (no one’s snoring sounds like a bee buzzing), but that’s irrelevant right now because apparently sleep is good for getting you back to your pre-vacay best. Can life get any more epic? Probably not. Anyway, the reason you need to sleep a bit more when you arrive home is to catch up on all that sleep you missed out on while travelling. Late-night meals, cocktails, sleeping in a bed that isn’t your bed - they can all stop you from enjoying that deep, healing sleep your body need. So now’s the time to get your snooze-on, guilt-free.

Beach scene in Australia

5. Start Planning Your Next Vacation

In an imaginary study we recently pretended to perform, we found out nothing motivates people to be healthier and fitter than knowing there’s a vacay on the horizon. (Weird, huh). It’s called pre-trip happiness, and it’s totally a real thing. Think back to every trip you’ve ever planned. You maybe, probably, definitely experienced a major boost of happy-feelings when you were planning your adventure because you were looking forward to the good times ahead. And then there’s the whole, “I need to get in shape for my vacay” thing, which usually means eating healthy grub and working out a bit more. It’s amazing. And if you’re struggling for ideas, head to our blog and check out these crazy places to go.

Beach scene in Australia

6. Book A Fitness Vacay

If you thought the Cronut was an awesome invention, or those doors that fold down into ping-pong tables, we’ve got something that will make your mind melt out of your ears (in a good way, obvs). Fitness vacations. They’re like this glorious mix of wanderlust and wellness, and what could better at making you feel awesome after your gluttonous January escape? Oh and, before you start nervously sweating, the far-flung fitness trips we’re talking about are way more fun than any old boot camp.

Beach scene in Australia

7. Stretch It Out

The coolest way to see a country is to pack a pair of running shoes, get up early, and get your feet on the pavement. It opens up a place like no other mode of transportation can. It’s also a great way to stay healthy when you’re on vacay. We’ll totally forgive you if you didn’t do this in January, though. Just make sure you get back into exercising when you get home because - wow - it’s amazing how much flexibility and fitness you can lose in just a week or two. Thankfully, a bit of stretching and a dollop of yoga is all you need to feel uber-awesome again, starting nice and gentle before working up to the sort of exercises that make you moan, groan and glisten with sweat. We promise it’ll make you feel great.

Beach scene in Australia

8. Step Away From The Scales

Don’t be a masochist. Give yourself a few days (okay, a fortnight) before stepping onto the bathroom scales, which will give you ample time for our other post-vacay hacks to do their thang. Not only will you feel amazing, but if you do decide to step onto the scales and peek at the number through your fingers, you’ll probably get surprised with some happy-vibes too.

And there we have it, all the post-vacation hacks you need to make your body feel as happy as Dock & Bay’s favourite poncho-loving dance crew, Kookies N Kream

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