Colour of Summer

Keely and Aiden  winners of colour of summer

Keely & Aiden

Keely and Aiden are from Sydney, Australia. These two adventurers met on a camping trip with a group of Instagram adventurers and have been inseparable since. Their travels have taken them from swimming under waterfalls and exploring Thailand to weekends spend hiking through the Australian bush. They share all of their travelling escapades on their Instagram TheTraxTribe.

Preethi & Jennifer

Best friends Preethi and Jennifer are from Mumbai, India. They won us over with their tale of hiking Cinque Terre in Italy together, dragging themselves out of bed at 4am before all the other travellers in order to get the views of the Ligurian Sea all to themselves. Sea views followed by pizza and ice cream is definitely a Dock & Bay approved adventure!

Preethi and Jennifer  winners of colour of summer
Lisa and Matt winners of colour of summer

Lisa & Matt

Lisa is from Vancouver, Canada and Matt hails from the UK, a long-distance bond to rival that of Andy and Ben. These two kindred travellers met in a hostel in Byron Bay, Australia whilst backpacking and have spent the past six years continuing their adventure to all parts of the globe from Iceland to India and most recently Sri Lanka. Matt has just made the move from the UK to Canada for the next stage of their journey together.

What is Colour of Summer?

Say goodbye to the winter blues, we’re not about that here. We’re taking three sets of best friends who share the same fun-loving, adventurous attributes as Dock & Bay, to become ‘Colour of Summer’ Ambassadors and star in our 2018 campaign.

Win colour of summer competition
Beach towels in Bali

Where are we going?

Set in the picturesque rice paddies of Canguu, Bali, we’ve hired a luxury villa as the base for the campaign. Our six winning ambassadors will spend the week in your own dream room with access to an outdoor timber dining pavilion, a humongous outdoor pool and plenty of lush gardens to wander. All-inclusive. There’s even a private chef. Think picturesque hiking, Instagram-worthy waterfalls and sunrise yoga.

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