Run young, wild and free with your dream towel. Just don’t get lost.

Here at Dock & Bay, we just LOVE festivals, who doesn’t right? They are the epitome of summer and leave a big smile on all our faces. So, to celebrate all things festival, we’ve created our own range of amazing towels, which we’ve named after some of our favourite festivals from around the world. So we thought we’d give you the low down on the festivals we have chosen and we’ll be expecting to see them added to bucket lists across the globe. Otherwise, we just haven’t done our job. Time to inspire.

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Tomatina Festival


Known as the ‘Tomato Battle’, if you didn’t get the hint in the name. This unique festival is held yearly in Valencia in a small town called Bunol. What we love about this festival is that no-one really knows why it started way back when in 1944. We’ve considered starting our own with towel cannons.

A town that usually holds just 2000 people, is flooded with tourists who are keen to get in on the action. Held for just one day only, on the last Wednesday of August. Residents protect their housing with plastic sheets, in preparation for battle. For 2 hours, you can pelt each other with tomatoes. Do we need to give any more explanation of why this should be a must visit for us all?

Image credit: Alberto Saiz / AP, The Atlantic

Image credit: Getty Images, Vox

Songkran Festival 


Starting on the 13th April, Songkran is the national holiday celebrated in Thailand to welcome in the traditional Thai New Year. How is celebrated you ask yourself?

You’ll never guess, but the throwing of water has become a key part of the celebrations. If you’re walking the streets of Thailand on this date, come equipped. Filled water guns and rain coats will help protect you from the incoming water buckets, water bombs galore and a general soaking from all angles.

Solstice Festival


The meaning of ‘Solstice’ refers to the fact that the sun never sets. This sounds like our sort of summer. Non-stop sun, sign us up.

To celebrate this unique period of summer, there is an incredible festival held in Iceland each year called ‘Secret Solstice’. You’ll receive 96 hours of non-stop daylight and endless acts to keep the party going all night long…well all day long right? You couldn’t ask for better value for money from a festival ticket.

Carnival Festival


There are various ‘Carnival’ festivals held throughout the year but the most famous and our personal favourite has to be the Brazilian Carnival, held between the Friday before Ash Wednesday all the way up to the arrival of Ash Wednesday itself. If we’ve done the maths correctly (we have), that’s six days of festival celebrations.

Vibrant colours (yes please), awesome costumes (it’s the Mardi Gras of the southern hemisphere), non-stop music (sounds good to us) and party vibes all week long. Literally considering booking our tickets as we write this.

The partying takes place across Brazil but Rio de Janeiro is known as the epicentre for it all and is the biggest festival in the world.

Festival Collection | Tulum Mexico

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