Doing Our Bit

Hiker carried his green Dock & Bay towel in his backpack


Here at Dock & Bay, we understand that nobody is perfect, including ourselves. We don’t all have the ability to make large-scale changes to help our environment, however much we may want to. But that doesn’t mean we can’t play our part. So we’ve introduced our ‘Doing Our Bit’ campaign.

As our towel business continues to grow we want to begin to make those gradual tweaks that minimise our environmental impact and help create a better world for us all, both today and in the future. Allowing us to continue to share this earth with so many awesome forms of life. Andy & Ben not included.

We're doing our bit for this amazing planet. Without it, our Instagram wouldn't be as fun!


In May 2018, we are introducing our brand new swim shorts range, made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.  That's right - we've moved further afield from our signature towels and we're entering a new world.  A perfect opportunity for us to be 'Doing Our Bit'.

We see this as another stop in building a more sustainable business, making the most out of wasted products that end up in landfill.  With nearly 1 million bottles being bought around the world every minute, it's a sad story normally but we've managed to make wasted plastic bottles into bright colourful swimming shorts. A feel good product for all this summer.

Swimmer carries her green and white striped towel to the beach
Sportswoman does a handstand on her pink Dock & Bay towel


What can be hard to imagine is that small day-to-day changes from us all can come together to make a big change towards the sustainable future of our earth. We have plans as we continue to grow to manufacture our products from recycled materials. Just give us some time. The first step was our Active collection, which is made from 30% recycled plastic bottles. Sounds painful but feels great.


In June 2017, we replaced all the plastic bags that we use to protect our towels during transportation to our customers, with 100% biodegradable material - that’s even more biodegradable than you are. This will take 400,000 (and growing) single-use plastic bags out of action by us each year.

Share your own stories of ‘Doing Your Bit’ and where we can continue to improve in the future

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