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At a time where our planet needs a helping hand, we understand how important it is to take actionable steps towards a more sustainable future. Nobody is perfect, including ourselves, but as our business continues to grow, we have begun making gradual tweaks that minimise our environmental impact to help create a better world for us all, both today and in the future.

We've just released our first ever towel made from 100% recycled materials and we pledge that by 2021 our whole range will be made from either recycled or biodegradable materials. We promise, we're on it!

We have worked with independent researchers from Imperial College London (via Imperial Consultants) to analyse the environmental impact of our products and are constantly looking for ways to improve for the better. Please do get in touch if you feel you can help.

So, where have we come from, and where are we going? Read on to see our sustainability timeline!



Our latest update first? Not very chronological, but it is the most exciting one to date, so we thought we’d better start with it. We have finally launched our first towel made from 100% recycled materials and to make it even better, we’ve partnered up with the Whale and Dolphin Conservation to donate 20% of sales (from said towel) to help create a world where every whale and dolphin is safe and free. Just like our swim shorts, we have taken post-consumer plastic and created something amazing from it. Recycling at it’s very best. This is the first product in our ‘Doing Our Bit’ Collection, our own initiative, which we will continue to grow and support important causes around us. More incoming next year!

dock and bay wdc charity towel recycled
Sportswoman does a handstand on her pink Dock & Bay towel


2016/2017 - ECO COLLECTION

Now back to where we started… Our very first step towards a more sustainable brand was the introduction of our Eco Collection (previously known as the Active Collection), of which 30% of the material was made from recycled plastic bottles. Smaller changes, like this one, can come together to have a big impact and was the very start of our journey. With technology advancing, by 2021, we have much bigger goals in this space. Read on to the bottom.


In June 2017, we replaced all the plastic bags used to protect our towels during transportation to our customers, with 100% biodegradable corn starch material.

Friends sit by the ocean wrapped in striped Dock & Bay beach towels
Girl on beach with Rainbow Skies Dock & Bay towel


In May 2018 we introduced our swim short range, made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. With nearly 1 million bottles being bought around the world every minute, this was the perfect opportunity for us to make the most of the wasted products that end up sitting in landfill. We’ve managed to take what was otherwise rubbish, and turn them into bright, colourful swim shorts, which are super soft, by the way! It’s definitely a feel-good product.


We may have taken some great steps already, but we won’t stop here, we are pledging that all of our products will be made from our new 100% recycled materials (or biodegradable materials for the packaging) by 2021. It can’t be done overnight, that’s for sure, so bear with us while we make this transition. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve got planned!

Share your own stories of ‘Doing Your Bit’ and let us know where we can continue to improve in the future.

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