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Dock and Bay Frequent Asked Questions
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What are the benefits of a microfibre towel?

The benefits are numerous, that's why us travellers love them. They are lightweight & absorbent, yet dry extra quick. Folding up really compact, will take up minimal space in any bag and won't hold those bad smells like a cotton towel. Best of all, the sand won't stick and it shakes right off! On top of that, our towels and pouches look great wherever you take them!

Are these towels absorbent? Do they work?

First things first, you need a towel to dry yourself. And we would be seriously struggling if our towel products didn't work. When we started Dock & Bay we committed making products that we use ourselves and that we would be proud of, and nothing has changed. We've heard that 'towelling' microfibre doesn't work that well and seems to spread the water across your skin - likely this is due to a cheaper fabric and a higher proportion of polyester. Similarly, thin cotton alternatives like sarongs and Turkish towels don't have the plushness and absorbency of a microfibre towel.

Our towels absorb more than twice their own weight in water. When you dry yourself you can 'pad' your skin and feel the moisture get sucked up into the towel, and the larger sizes are big enough to wrap right around you - we recommend you try it!

So yes, our towels really do work. Please check out the product reviews for yourself.

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Why does my towel feel different to what I expected?

We’re going to be honest here. If you’re used to cotton towels, our towels will feel different against your skin when drying but we promise that’s not a bad thing and they still feel super soft. As our towels are made from microfibre, they work best when you ‘pad’ your skin all over as they quickly suck in and absorb all the moisture on your body. You’ll be dry in no time and with a big smile on your face because you’ve finally found ‘the one’.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee so even if you try them out and are not happy, we are still more than willing to accept returns. Just don’t tell Andy & Ben, it’ll make them cry. Not again.

How do I look after my towel?

Treat your towel with care - here area few tips
- Machine Washable - on a cold wash, 30°C / 86°F is recommended
- Never use fabric softener - it can ruin the effectiveness and durability of your towel over the long term
- Do not mix colours and whites - that includes washing our Classic and Cabana collection together
- Rinse on first use – not a necessity but some people like to give the towels a rinse and dry before first use to freshen the fabric
- Tumble drying and ironing are fine - on a low heat. No-one likes to get burnt (except marshmallows)

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Friends on jetty chatting about beach adventures

Do you offer free shipping? Do you ship worldwide?

Yes we certainly do ship worldwide. When prompted, please make sure you choose the correct shipping country so we can offer you the best rates and stock availability for your region. You can change your shipping country by clicking on the flag next to the cart in the top of menu of our website.

We aim to despatch all orders within 1 business day and use a range of trusted partners to deliver your new towel safe and sound straight to you You can see more on the shipping information page.

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What is the returns policy? Is there a warranty?

We want to you love your towel as much as we do. But if for some reason you would like to return, we are happy to provide a full refund upon receipt of your items.

For more information and the full refund policy, visit the terms and conditions page

We also offer a 12 month warranty on every purchase, please submit your order on the warranty registration page.

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Can you make large orders, wholesale and personalisation?

We can help you with larger sized orders, and we'd love to hear from you!

Bulk order discount codes
10-20 items >> use BULK15 for 15% off
21-50 items >> use BULK20 for 20% off
51-100 items >> use BULK25 for 25% off

For bigger orders, please contact us!

If you own a retail store or shop, please get in contact with us about wholesale ordering opportunities. For corporate gifting, branding and personalisation, please reach out to us, we'd love to see how we can work together. We can provide branding and embroidery services for orders of minimum 200 towels.

Can this towel be used to clean out sap from a tree in underpants?

Yes, we really do get asked all kinds of questions and we promise to answer them all. As Andy & Ben like to say, 'there is no such thing as a stupid question'.

If you’ve got time to waste, then see how Andy (our founder and resident sap specialist) answered this one. Let’s just say, it had him ‘stumped’.

If you have any questions, please do no hesitate to contact us

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