We’re big fans of finding unexpectedly cool, properly underrated and under-the-radar places and then telling you about them. Things like where you should go for Spring Break. Or the most non-cliche Valentines Day getaways. Or the buddymoons you need to take with your bestie. But when it comes to bachelor-slash-bachelorette blowouts (aka stag n’ hen parties), you just want to know the best places to party - and by that we mean wild, uninhibited, far-from-classy, discos and limos, no-sleep-til-Brooklyn-style celebrations that will make your buddy’s last days of singledom freakin’ awesome.

That’s the dream. And that dream points to only one place: Vegas, which is cool but in a wallet-emptying, long queues everywhere, no restaurant tables available and “this foam party is already sold out” kind of way.

And that gives you the perfect reason to find somewhere original, where the beer is tasty, frozen cocktails are ever-flowing, the nightlife is forget-me-not, spa days are heaven and the fun goes waaaay beyond bottle service and strippers.

So, ladies and gentleman, bride tribes and bromancers, here are the best bachelor(ette) destinations for bae’s last big blowout. Pop the champagne, she’s changing her last name.

Tijuana, Mexico

stripy swim shorts swimming pool

If you’ve been tasked with picking a destination for this most-fabled of parties, you can’t go wrong with TJ. It’s good old-fashioned irresponsible behaviour at its very best. And while this place is still slightly awash (okay, totally full of) quick-draw tequila-pourers that love blowing whistles and bars that love serving scandalously cheap drinks, there is a chic and sophisticated edge to it. Tour local breweries, pop into groovy tasting rooms, stuff your face with tacos in Las Ahumaderas, hope for the best at the huge casino and then, yeah, buy 8 beers, 4 shots and a sombrero full of nachos for the same price as a pair of flip flops. Let’s get ready to stumble.

Bristol, UK

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We like London. A lot. But Bristol is, like, the perfect place for pink sashes, inflatable you-know-whats and garish good times. It’s basically a bass-heavy port town that’s heaving with students, musicians, trendsetters, life-lovers and right famous clubs. Cor, we might even say it’s snatched the torch as from LDN and become the UKs undisputed party capital (aka bachelor(ette) central). It’s eat, drink and be merry - and not just for fist-pumping party mobs either. High ropes, escape-rooms, inland-surfing spots, blow-up assault courses and, yeah, Revolucion de Cuba for the cocktail-loving foodies out there.

Key West, Florida

dock and bay stripy hair wraps

Ahhh, the Keys. We love the Keys. They’re great. You’ve got all the glitzy madness of a South Beach blowout, but it’s waaaay cheaper, which is good because the more money you save on a round of sugary cocktails the more you’ll have to spend on those “you’re getting married” activities, like chartering a deep sea fishing boat. Picture this: you and the squad chilling on the deck of a boat for half a day, just off the coast of Florida, fruity towels decorating the sides as you try and catch that’s night dinner, which you can then take to the party-starting eatery of Benihana where they’ll cook it for you #bondingtimeatitsbest. And then, when you’re full, you get to hit the quirky and wild bars on Duval Street, dancing to a disproportionately large number of songs devoted to partying in Miami. Woohoo.

Gold Coast, Australia

chilling by the beach australia

Of course we’re going to mention the Gold Coast, it’s the closest thing Down Under has to Miami. It’s glitz and glamour on a 90-mile strip of sun-soaked beaches. It’s like this coastline was unintentionally built for bachelor(ette) parties. There’s watersports, yacht parties, a liberal view toward naughty behavior and Surfer’s Paradise is barely a confetti throw away. Just imagine how good your ‘gram will look when you whip out your stripy squad towels too. And if you want to make even more memories, you can always go chill-out in the rainforest or hire a 4X4, head to Fraser Island, pitch a tent and fall asleep to the sound of dingoes howling.

Athens, Greece

athens greece photography

In the same way Cronuts have taken the snack world to another level, Greece has taken partying up a notch. Maybe even two. This is because they have ouzo - the liquid party-starter - not to mention one of the most spectacular settings to enjoy a weekend of bad behaviour. And here’s how to give the madly in love member of your squad the most epic time: do dinner at the raucous eatery that is Spondi, then head to the top of the Hilton Building to clink glasses and take in the ancient views of Athens, and then move onto some crazy good cocktails at Baba Au Rum, where they free pour with the best of them. Come the next morning, you’ll have done Athens the proper way and be ready to abscond the city, board a yacht and go wild in an island of white-washed buildings (which our Bondi Blue towels will look great against).

Ibiza, Spain

fruity beach travel towels extra large

Ibiza may not be “somewhere original” but it is somewhere awesome, where the beer is tasty, frozen cocktails are ever-flowing, the nightlife is forget-me-not, spa days are heavenly and the fun goes waaaay beyond bottle service and you-remember-what. Oh and it’s on an island paradise, which no one has ever complained aboot (we’re not sure why we went all Canadian there, but meh). And if you do get tired of waving your hands in the air like you just don’t care at your one-thousandth beach party, you can always have a set of towels pre-packed and start leading your tour de friends to one of the hidden coves. Then rejoin the bikini-clad babes and boardie-wearing hunks on the sandy dance floor because, c’mon, you're in Ibiza for two reasons: the clubs and to see DJ Paris Hilton play a set.

Seoul, South Korea

multicoloured lanterns asia

Seoul is cool. Like really cool. Like Ferris Bueller throwing up peace signs, saying “kimchee” and then swilling a shot of soju sort of cool. And what bride or groom-to-be doesn’t want their send off to be somewhere this cool? But the best thing about this city is the joyfulness. It’s everywhere. In the food, the people, the clinking beers, neon wigs, light-up tambourines, hugs, karaoke clubs and the cheery shouts of "yogiyo!" that come from everyone. And it’s a super-safe city, so no matter how high on life, wobbly on soju and sleepless you get, the SO you left behind will have zilch to worry about. It’s great. And so are the hangover cures. From the uber-inexpensive jjimjilbang spas to the headache-curing popsicles.

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