This was the day everything came together, our ambassadors and our full collection of towels, and our awesome new swim shorts made from 100% recycled plastic bottles!

We spent the day having a ball of fun around the villa. It was a big gang hanging out and having a great time. Water fights ensued. Mini games of football spontaneously started. Pool races ALL DAY LONG. Our camera crew were on hand to capture the action and, well, lets just say the Dock & Bay ambassadors were not shy one little bit.

Our Colour of Summer campaign is all about friendship, fun, adventure and those unforgettable holiday memories - we're sure you'll agree that our ambassadors live the essence of what Dock & Bay is all about.

Who's who?

Our Dock & Bay brand ambassadors are KeelyAidenLisa, MattJennifer & Preethi. Our influencers are Moti, Christian, Paige, Sophie, Jessica & Lyssie

The featured towels can be found at Cabana collection, Summer collection, Festival collection

We also collaborated with amazing eco swimwear brand emroce, which some of the girls are wearing. emroce makes zero waste swimwear using econyl regenerated nylon which is made in Italy from recycled fishings nets and other nylon waste - a brand after our own heart! Even better, each piece is handmade in Lago di Como Italy by Kiwi designer Emma Churchill. We are obsessed.  

Dock & Bay brand ambassadors Aiden, Keely, Matt, Preethi, Lisa & Jennifer posing for memories

Influencers Christian, Moti, Paige & Sophie strutting their stuff

Action captured! Matt leading the way in an epic photo

Keely & Moti battle it out. Who wins?

Jessica on her favourite rubber ducky. What is Andy doing?

Best friends Preethi & Jennifer with their Tomatina design Festival towel. Preethi wears ‘Hey shorty it’s your birthday rash’ top by zero waste swimwear brand emroce.

Super-Moti & Bat-Christian

Lisa & Matt in a special one

Paige & Sophie taking a breather

The rubber ducky got a workout on this day

Paige lounging on her cactus

Matt wondering why Lisa is jumping into the pool with a Rainbow Skies Summer collection towel

Christian with his new Festival collection towel (Solstice design)

Jessica enjoying some respite from the sun

Keely loves her Cabana Light towel in Tulum Blue

Aiden mid flight in an epic water pistol battle

Preethi & Jennifer timing their jump to perfection. Preethi wears ‘Hey shorty it’s your birthday rash’ top by zero waste swimwear brand emroce.

Keely & Aiden with their Songrkan designed Festival towel

Matt with his Phi Phi Pink Cabana towel

Lisa with the smile that never ends

Can I have a hand? That's what friends are for....

Keely with her Solstice Festival towel

Lisa and Matt enjoying the sunshine

View of the action from afar, Preethi chilling out. 

Lisa & Matt with their Cabana Light towels (Tulum Blue and Narabeen Green)

Sophie & Paige living the spirit with their Festival collection towels

Matt taking some time to recoup

Keely under the pool mangroves

Colour of Summer | Bali, Indonesia

Photographer: Emma Sailah, Australia 

Videography: Alyssa Shreeve, United States

Drone: Danny Chapman, DCP Drones, United Kingdom