Sophie & Paige

Sophie Hannah Richardson is a London based full-time fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger known for her signature colourful hair, unique style and hilarious viral beauty tutorials. A global jetsetter Sophie has over half a million followers captivated by her exciting travels. Sophie will be joined by her friend and fellow London based blogger Paige Calvert, known for her craft tutorials and love of all things bright. the pair produce fun, creative content and we’re excited to have them on board for the Colour of Summer project.

Sophie Hannah Richardson influencer

Moti & Christian

Moti Ankari is The Metro Man, a New York based fashion and lifestyle influencer. Inspiring a sense of wanderlust into his 180 thousand followers as he flits between luxury beach resorts and the bustling metropolis of NYC. Moti will be bringing his best friend and fellow blogger Christian Bendeck, the perfect combination for our Colour of Summer project.

Moti Ankari influencer

Lyssie & Jessica

When she’s not creating content for her own Instagram feed (or modelling in our Dock & Bay photoshoots), social influencer Lyssie Shreeve spends her time filming stunning visuals of her home town, Hawaii. Lyssie will be joining us on the Colour of Summer trip as our videographer alongside her best friend and Instagrammer Jessica Sulls.

Think you and your best friend live the Dock & Bay brand as well as these pairs? Then enter our Colour of Summer competition and you too could be joining us in Bali this April!