Because we care

Whilst travelling the world and seeing all the stunning places that planet earth offers us to explore, it is sometimes easy to forget the negative impact that we all have on our environment.

What can be harder to imagine is that small day to day changes from us all can come together to make a big change towards the sustainable future of our earth. Change of any scale can be daunting. Just like when you’re at the beach with a wet swimming costume on and you know you have to change into your spare one using just a stripey towel for cover. It’s not easy, we promise you that. Especially if you’ve had one too many cocktails at sunset.

Here at Dock & Bay, we understand that nobody is perfect, including ourselves. We don’t all have the ability to make large scale changes to help our environment, however much we may want to. But that doesn’t mean we can’t play our part. So we’ve introduced the ‘Doing Our Bit’ campaign.

Environment matters

As our business continues to grow we want to begin to make those important tweaks that minimise our environmental impact and help create a better world for us all, both today and in the future. 

We’re starting by replacing all the plastic bags that we use to protect our towels during transportation to our customers, with 100% biodegradable material - that’s even more biodegradable than you are. With over 150,000 single use plastic bags being replaced a year, that’s us ‘doing our bit’ and we have many other plans on the horizon.

We are also starting to use recycled materials throughout as many parts of our business as we can.  Our active range of towels is made from 30% recycled polyster and this is just the beginning.

You can see more on our Doing Our Bit page here

Stay tuned.

Andy & Benno

Founders, Dock & Bay

Round towel on beach nature scene