Care Instructions

We know your towel can go through a bit of rough and tumble. Our towels are used by travellers, sports people, surfers and families alike - but one thing is in common - the key principles of towel care!

A few golden rules

  • Cold machine wash
  • Don't mix your white shirt or dress with a coloured towels (or coloured anything), it can lead to tears!
  • Try not to use fabric softener, as over time it can reduce the absobency of the towel.  Using fabric softener will not destroy your towel the first time it is used, but over time, it can degrade the performance of your product, and we want it to last as long as possible for you! 
  • Do not bleach, or put near fire or hot implements.  
  • Tumble drying is ok if you need to!

Before first use

  • You can rinse or wash your towel to freshen it up for first use
  • Putting in the tumble drier for a run can soften up the fabric