Story time

Dock & Bay was started by 2 guys with an unquestionable passion for travelling and a shared understanding that life is too short to sit still. This has led us both to where we are right now, one year in to a business we love that would never have been possible without the shared experiences and knowledge that we have acquired throughout our lives. We’ve been lucky enough to have seen many corners of the world, learnt life skills from people of all different cultures and had those once in a lifetime moments that never leave you and will always make you smile.

There’s something incredibly satisfying about watching the world go by in locations you’ve never stepped foot in before and may never again. It’s the inspiration behind the brand ‘Dock & Bay’ - that tranquil feeling where you sit back and slowly take in everything that’s around you, from the soft sound of the ocean cluttering into the shore to the jumbled noises of an ever bustling city, holding a population bigger than countries ten times its size.

Adventure awaits

We hope Dock & Bay will inspire others to go and visit places previously unknown and to experience the never ending range of opportunities and adventures that the world presents us with every single day. To help you along that path, we are introducing our new blog. We’re calling it ‘Roam Free,’ a place where we can share some of our favourite travel stories and hopefully hear all about your own unforgettable moments.

We’ll be introducing a new blog with our stories from around the world. But we don’t want to make this all about us so we’ll also be running regular guest blogs too. If you feel you have a story to share with the world that’s too good to keep to yourself, please get in touch here. If writing is not your thing, then we’d love to see some of your favourite photos from your adventures - Just tag #roamfree and tag our Instagram or Facebook page in the photo and we’ll take a look and put our favourite ones up! Anyway, here we go…

Hakuna Matata.
Andy & Benno

Fun in the sun at the beach towel